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    Record Graduate Scholarships Awarded for 2021/22

    August 16, 2021, Toronto, Canada: The Directors of the KEGS Foundation are very pleased to announce the awarding of a record 15 scholarships totalling $19,500 (plus travel bursaries) to seven M.Sc. and eight Ph.D. graduate students in geophysics at twelve Canadian universities for the forthcoming academic year (2021/22).
    These awards, complementing scholarships awarded to twelve undergraduates announced earlier, mark the twenty-second year of the KEGS Foundation’s scholarship program directed at fostering the education of future geophysicists in Canada. The large number of recipients and the record level of total scholarship funding ($38,000) reflect the number of well-qualified applicants and evident financial need, exacerbated by significant complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected many students’ studies, research, internships and jobs. The Foundation has endeavoured to respond positively to the applicants’ circumstances in order to sustain students’ focus on their geophysical education and research, redeploying income from the Collett legacy endowment that was not required for other programs in 2020/21.
    Remarkably, despite the severe and diverse impacts of the now-receding pandemic, thanks to notable donations, continued support by sustaining donors and collective initiatives, the Foundation also succeeded in establishing three new scholarships in the past year:
    • SKGS Scholarship, primarily directed to supporting students in or from Saskatchewan
    • Bourse des pionniers de la géophysique québecoise, principally supporting students in or from Québec
    • Michael and Patricia Carson Geophysics Scholarship for Indigenous Students (just announced), for Indigenous students studying geophysics or geophysical technology.
    See the Foundation’s website for specific announcements on the establishment of each of these scholarships. We thank the individual donors and companies who stepped forward with large donations to initiate the endowments.
    It is with profound regret and sadness that we learned of Michael Carson’s recent passing, so soon after he and Patricia established the above-mentioned scholarship. We extend our condolences to Mike’s family and friends, and thank them for the many donations in his memory.

    The seven M.Sc. students awarded KEGS Foundation scholarships for 2021/22 include the following two awardees who received named scholarships supported by specific endowments* in recognition of their particular achievements and career focus:
              Stephanie Bringeland ® – Queen’s University: KEGS Pioneers Scholarship  
                Mark Lepitzki – University of Saskatchewan: SKGS Scholarship
    The other five M.Sc. recipients of KEGS Foundation Scholarships are:
                Moslem Azarpour – University of Saskatchewan
                Marziah Arshian – Memorial University
                Dimitri Danchenko – University of New Brunswick
                Taylor Kyryliuk – University of Ottawa
                Benjamin Saadia – Queen’s University
    The renewals of prior award indicated by ®.
    The eight Ph.D. candidates who received scholarship support to assist in completing their significant research include the fourth award of the premier Collett Graduate Scholarship, the thirteenth award of the GSC Pioneers Scholarship and the inaugural award of the new Bourse des pionniers de la géophysique québecoise. They were selected after careful consideration of a roster of impressively talented candidates. The outstanding awardees, are:
             Tianshi Liu, University of Toronto, the recipient of the Collett Graduate Scholarship, is developing advances in full-wave seismic tomography applied to mantle and core characterization;
            Gang Hui, University of Calgary, who received the GSC Pioneers Scholarship, is undertaking a very ambitious effort to integrate petrophysical characterization of fracture propagation for hydrocarbon exploitation and other applications;
              Adrien Dimech, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, is the inaugural recipient of the Bourse des pionniers de la géophysique québecoise. He is investigating and developing advanced ERT methods for monitoring and characterizing mine waste and tailings dumps;
             Fatemeh Nemati, University of Victoria, recipient of the second BCGS Scholarship, is modelling tsunami generation and potential impacts on communities along coastal BC.
    The other four Ph.D. candidates awarded scholarships intended to complement departmental funding are:
           Jefferson Restrepo, Polytechnique Montréal, who is investigating specialized processing of marine seismic data to delineate permafrost;
              Megan Caston, University of Alberta, who is beginning her Ph.D. studies focused on utilizing MT to delineate crustal properties on southern Vancouver Island;
             Eric Lenhart, Western University, who is commencing research focused on determining the electrical conductivity of the Fe-Ni system under ultra-high pressure and temperature related to the earth’s core and geodynamics;
              Erkan Gun, University of Toronto, who is undertaking numerical modeling of the tectonics of earthquake-prone zones, particularly in Turkey.
    The amount of each scholarship award, intended to complement other funding, ranges from $500 to $3,000, determined by the recipient’s merit and need and available financial resources, while maintaining the Foundation’s principal objective of supporting undergraduate education.
    In addition, thanks to continuing generous support by KEGS, all of the above awardees will also receive free membership in KEGS and will be eligible for fully subsidized participation at the annual KEGS Symposium in March. All recipients are also be strongly encouraged to participate in meetings of KEGS, BCGS or other local professional societies, and in other relevant geophysical meetings or symposia. Depending on need, circumstances and the Foundation’s resources, additional assistance with travel expenses up to $400 are tentatively allocated to facilitate participation of recipients and other applicants at relevant meetings, including KEGS or BCGS events, during the coming academic year. Networking opportunities will be offered where possible. Additionally, to assist awardees seeking to pursue further studies, research or employment, their CVs will be posted on the Foundation’s website.
    Presentation of the scholarship awards will be arranged during the fall semester, preferably at professional meetings or in conjunction with KEGS Special Lectures on relevant geophysical topics hosted by university departments, or at equivalent virtual events, depending on the extent to which complications and restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic are relaxed.
    The Directors extend their best wishes to all the above recipients for further success in their studies and future careers. We also offer our gratitude for the continuing support of the Foundation and its scholarship program by the Canadian exploration and geophysical community, including renewed major support by KEGS and the BCGS, a recent very generous donation by Lamontagne Geophysics, and to Phoenix Geophysics for its continuing support of the matching donation program (see website for further details).
    We look forward to meeting the latest KEGS Foundation awardees at various upcoming meetings, symposia and KEGS Special Lectures, once current restrictions end.
    Avec nos meilleurs souhaits à tous les lauréats**.
                Stephen Reford, Chair            Jerry Roth, Director
                Tel: (416) 368-2888                 (416) 449-2226
    *NB: KEGS is the well-known acronym for the Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society, the leading mining geophysics organization established in 1953 and based in Toronto. The KEGS Foundation was established as a federally chartered charitable organization in 1999 with the objective of fostering geophysical education and has provided approximately 300 scholarships to Canadian students since inception. BCGS is the abbreviation for the BC Geophysical Society, a long-established professional organization based in Vancouver and focused on utilization of geophysics for mineral exploration, which has generously supported the BCGS Scholarship Fund. SKGS is the abbreviation for the Saskatchewan Geophysical Society. Details of the named scholarships and the underlying endowments and donors can be found on the Foundation’s website.

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    The KEGS Foundation announce that, thanks to a substantial donation by Michael and Patricia Carson, it is establishing a scholarship to be awarded annually to an Indigenous student who is pursuing post-secondary studies in geophysics or geophysical technology at a Canadian university or college. It forms part of the Foundation’s evolving efforts to advance geophysical education in Canada.

    In making this important donation, the Carsons wish to establish a scholarship for Indigenous students is to help ensure they have opportunities to study geophysics and develop careers, bringing needed Indigenous perspective into this field. More about the scholarship and the first recipient:  here

    Unfortunately Mike passed away peacefully of ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease on August 5 2021, his family at his side. Michael spent more than 35 years in the resources exploration industry working in over 45 countries in the Americas, Australia, Africa, Europe and Middle East.

    He studied geophysics at Western, and also completed The Executive Program at Queen’s University. He enjoyed a lengthy and productive career, beginning as a field geophysicist with Geoterrex in Ottawa in 1972, rising to a manager at Geoterrex and its various successor companies, including CGG and Fugro. After the formation of Fugro Airborne Surveys in the early 2000’s, Mike was appointed President & Regional Manager, Americas and he led the successful effort to integrate many formerly competitive companies into a single worldwide airborne geophysical company. Please read his full obituary here

    KEGS executives extend their deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. May he rests in peace. 

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    SS-12 Geophysical imaging of the paleo- and present environment Convenors: Ian Ferguson (University of Manitoba), Phil J.A. McCausland (University of Western Ontario) Geophysical methods image many important aspects of our environment including: soil stratigraphy and aquifers; anthropogenic features such as landfills and archeological sites; hazards including voids and tunnels; and saline, organic, and radioactive contaminants. Paleo and rock magnetic methods provide information on the paleoenvironment including: paleolatitude; sediment provenance; depositional conditions; and diagenetic processes. In this session we welcome a broad range of contributions related to geophysical sensing of the environment and paleo-environment, including, but certainly not limited to, environmental geophysics, archeogeophysics, hydrogeophysics, urban geophysics, and environmentally-focused paleo- and rock magnetic studies. Sponsored by: GAC Geophysics Division. More information: here
    Abstract submissions close on July 22nd (so this information will only be valuable if it can be distributed in the next week). The GAC-MAC meeting itself is in London, Ontario and will run in hybrid format from Nov 1-5. Details can be found here

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    KEGS July Beer Bash! Register here  

    Please join us on July 14th for a  Beer Bash! Registrants will receive 12 beers from Junction Craft Brewery.  Cost for the event is $34.96 plus tax.  The event will start after a presentation by Bill Morris titled "Rock Magnetic Properties - Why Bother?". What better way to reflect and ponder the reasons to "bother" than with 12 Junction Craft Beer to select from.  

    Delivery zone is roughly Hamilton to Whitby. Before registering, please confirm you are in the delivery zone by clicking hereFor delivery purpose, please send the following information to mickiallen@marac.com or her mobile 647 401 8758Name, Address INCLUDING UNIT NUMBER and BUZZER (PEOPLE IN CONDOS) and Cell phone number.

    If you are based in Richmond Hill, please contact Robert Hearst at robert.hearst@sgc.com.au to pick-up your order.

    Registration closes soon so book now.  Register before Friday, July 9th at midnight.

    For more information on Junction Craft Brewery, click here.

    The 12 beers included are:

    • Junction Craft Pilsner
    • Junction Hazy IPA
    • Junction Pale Ale
    • Junction Nitro Pilsner
    • Junction Halftime Hazy Session IPA
    • Caribru IPA
    • Caribru Lager
    • Conductor’s Craft Ale
    • JCB x LOOP Pineapple Hoppy Sour
    • JCB x LOOP Lime Gose
    • JCB x LOOP Strawberry Berliner Weisse
    • Junction Tmave Pivo Czech Dark Lager

     Hope you can join us!

    KEGS Exec

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    Dear Colleagues,

    Please find the 2021 ETD tables in the zip file below: 

    ETD Tables_2021.zip

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    Cameco is looking for an entry level exploration geophysicist to join their team in Saskatoon. More information available here 

  • 12 May 2021 4:29 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Sander Geophysics (SGL) is hiring a Geophysicist/Data Analyst. More information: Geophysicist_Data Analyst.pdf

  • 19 Apr 2021 2:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The MTNet EMinar presentation series: Nadine Veillette, Geophysicist, Business Development, Abitibi Geophysics;  speaking on "A career as a geophysicist : a cumulation of unplanned opportunities".

    This presentation is being co-sponsored by KEGS Foundation, as one of their Special Lectures to geophysics students and academia across Canada, and by Women Geoscientists in Canada. The presentation will be on Zoom: May 5, 2021 15:00 UTC.  Visit the MTNet EMinar website https://www.mtnet.info/EMinars/EMinars.html to register.

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    Don Salt award for 2020-2021 winners

    Don Salt scholarship is in memory of a Canadian geophysicist named Don Salt, working for Falconbridge - now Xstrata - died tragically young about 50 years ago, and the company, in conjunction with his family, endowed a scholarship in his name to encourage students into geophysics, especially exploration geophysics  awarded annually to 4th year students (and possibly 3rd year, if criteria are met) at the University of Toronto. Suitability of applicants is judged on the basis of the overall demonstrated interest and ability of the student, insofar as these factors apply to a career in geophysics.

    KEGS is happy to announce the winners of this year's DON SALT scholarship. This year, three scholarships, are endowed in memory of the geophysicist Don Salt,

    This year's winners are: 

    Charlotte Erb - Bachelor of Applied Science - Mineral Engineering

    Anran Xu - Honours Bachelor of Science, University of Toronto

    Stefano Girardo - Bachelor of Applied Science, Mineral Engineering

    Please join us to meet and congratulate them virtually, on April 13th at KEGS talk.

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    Hundreds of attendees viewed the finalist presentations, interviews and live awards of the inaugural Frank-Arnott - Next Generation Explorers Award at this year's virtual PDAC 2021 convention!

    It was a nail-biting finish, but the judges returned with their decision and the first-place winner and recipient of the $5000 award was the Inca Team!
    Inca worked on the Yukon Plateau Dataset and featured students from the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos in Peru, the University of Tasmania in Australia and Brigham Young University in the USA.

    Team UWA from The University of Western Australia placed second and will receive the $3000 award, and the CSM Exploration Initiative from the Camborne School of Mines, University of Exeter placed third and will receive the $2000 award.
    Congratulations Inca, UWA and CSM!!
    Inca also snagged the Audience Choice Award, however, Platypus Xplorer from UniLaSalle was very close behind!
    The Next Generation Explorers Award Association would like to thank all the finalists and contending teams for participating. We're proud of everything you've accomplished!

    Please visit www.frankarnottaward.com to view all the teams and their resumes, and stay tuned for updates on the 2022 NGEA - we'll be launching at the end of the month!

    Inca Team - 1st Place

    Victor Torres Pacheco (University of Tasmania), Sylvie Littledale
    (Brigham Young University), Orlando Bazan Santa Cruz,
    Juan Carlos Bazan Sotomayor, Saul Romero Enriquez,
    Fernando Herrera Pinedo and Yaldri Bravo Meza
    (San Marcos University)
    Yukon Plateau Dataset

    Team UWA - 2nd Place 

    Tasman Gillfeather-Clark, David Nathan,
    Luke Smith and Lu Li

    CSM Exploration Initiative - 3rd Place

    Liam Clegg (CSM), Sharlotte Mkonto (Queen's University, Canada),
    David Campbell Camblor (CSM), Cyprien Niyigena (CSM),
    Xuyang Meng (Laurentian University), Charlie Hicklin (CSM),
    Chetan Soni (CSM), Leoni Strobl (University of Utrecht),
    Oscar Ryan (CSM), Josh Grattage (CSM), Alda Chimuco (CSM),
    Ayub Mhina (Manitoba University, Canada), Alexandra Hutchings (MSC) and Alex Jenkins (University of Bristol)
    Quesnel Trough Dataset

    Thank you to our sponsors for their continued support of the award! 
    A special thanks goes out to the Decennial Mineral Exploration Conferences (DMEC) who generously covered the cost for 49 of our NGEA students to attend short courses during the convention. If you were one of these students, please reach out to DMEC with your appreciation!
    To learn more about sponsoring the award or to view the full list of sponsors, please visit our website.


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