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Title: Triple Treat - A Trio of Geophysical Exploration Case Histories for Gold, Copper, & Polymetallic VMS based on “Wireless” IP Results from 2D Alpha IP™ and GRID 3D Alpha IP™ Technologies

Date: Tuesday January 10th at 4:00 PM

SpeakerGreg M. Hollyer, M.Eng, P.Eng, C.Comm (Simcoe Geoscience),

Location: In person - University of Toronto, Department of Earth Sciences, Room ES2093 (22 Ursula Franklin Street) and virtual, register here


With a large volume of potential case histories on its shelves, Simcoe decided to present examples from three modes of geophysical exploration projects, defined as primary, secondary and tertiary exploration projects.

The primary exploration example is from an orogenic gold property in Newfoundland – a province which has experienced a gold rush. 2D Alpha IP™ data are examined to show the level of detail and effectiveness possible in identifying 2 metre wide quartz-vein-hosted copper-gold-silver targets. The Alpha IP™ results led to economic discovery on the third drill hole -- a fast path to discovery on the project and a measure of the high targeting effectiveness for the technology.

The secondary exploration example is from an intrusive copper – gold property in the Yukon in a known copper belt. The purpose of Alpha IP™ surveys here was to follow up on previous year’s results from Simcoe by first correlating IP signatures over a defined resource at one of three pit areas, and then using these signatures to find extensions nearby. At least two new zones / extensions were found which contributed to the client’s goal of adding extra tons for a new upcoming resource estimate. There were also other new targets found.

The tertiary example is a blind example over desert sands in the vicinity of historic polymetallic VMS near-surface mining works at one of the reputed King Solomon’s Mines dating from the 10th century BC. In this example, we look at GRID 3D data from Alpha IP™, showing survey layout, a huge number of data points, and ultimately resolution of an extensive target that is now being mined to depths of over 1000 m. Targeting effectiveness was over 70% based on the high definition results with the GRID 3D Alpha IP™ survey.

In summary, the presentation shows three case histories in some detail with the goal for the audiences to evaluate geophysical exploration methods and technology effectiveness at three sites that are distinct for exploration paradigm, mineralization and target dimensions. As part of the discussion, there will be a modest introduction to Simcoe Geosciences’ IP systems with a more detailed examination of survey layouts and other parameters during presentation of the three case studies.

Author Biography

Greg graduated with a Bachelors in 1986 and a Masters in 1991, both in Engineering Geophysics, from Queens University and later from York University in Communications in 1995. He has been active since in geophysics and with new technologies, starting with the first GPR system from A-Cubed in 1985 and BHP’s novel physical property logging system (1986 to 1991). As well, he has worked at the leading edge of other advanced technologies, including cellular networking, earth science software, geophysical instrumentation, and ground, airborne and borehole geophysical surveys. He continues today with the next generation Alpha IP™ survey technology at Simcoe Geoscience. Greg has held senior positions as Chief Geophysicist at Nuvia Dynamics; Vice President of Sales at Quantec; Vice President of Marketing at the former Geosoft, where he branded and launched Oasis Montaj; and as Director of Sales and Marketing at GEM Systems, where he launched GEM’s advanced potassium magnetometer technology in 2002 as well as its first-to-market drone magnetic technology in 2007 (Halifax, NS). Currently, he is Senior Vice President and Executive Geophysicist at Simcoe Geoscience with responsibility for helping to lead the company’s drive in leveraging next-generation geophysical surveys to make economic ore discoveries for a rapidly growing list of clients and agencies.




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