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DateJune 8, 2021 at 4:00 PM EST

Title Modeling the Cratonic- to Deposit-Scale Resistivity Structure of the Archean Superior Province

Speaker: Eric Roots, Phd Candidate, Laurentian University.

Location: Register here


In order to characterize how crustal architecture influences mineralization processes, the Metal Earth project is employing magnetotelluric (MT) surveys in the Archean Superior Province, Canada, over a variety of scales from the regional- to the deposit-scale. Insight regarding the link between cratonic structures and economic deposits can be gained through 3-D modeling and interpretation of deposit-scale datasets within the context of regional studies, however the computational cost of simultaneously inverting such data sets is prohibitively high. During this talk, I will introduce a sequential inversion workflow for MT data to generate consistent models across multiple scales and show results from its application to data from the Superior Province. I will also discuss some of the lessons learned regarding survey design, feature resolvability, and the importance of ‘zooming out’ in generating meaningful results from 3D modelling studies.


Eric completed his undergraduate at the University of Ottawa with a specialization in physics-mathematics, during which time he worked with the GSC on inversion of magnetotelluric data collected in the Slave, Rae, and Superior cratons. He completed his MSc. at Simon Fraser University under the supervision of Dr. Andrew Calvert, working on seismic reflection imaging using passive (ambient) seismic data. He continued working with the GSC for a year with both seismic and magnetotelluric data, before continuing his graduate studies as a PhD student at Laurentian University with Dr. Richard Smith, where he is involved in the analysis, inversion, and interpretation of magnetotelluric data collected as part of the Metal Earth project.



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