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  • 25 Oct 2021 4:24 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Nominations for a new KEGS executive member is now open!

    KEGS executives are excited to announce that they are looking for a new executive member to join the team. Please nominate yourself or if you know of anyone who is willing to volunteer some of their time to KEGS, please nominate them by sending an email to:

  • 22 Oct 2021 5:41 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    KEGS is pleased to announce that the PDAC 2022 Symposium is planned for Saturday March 5th 2022.

    The format of the KEGS PDAC 2022 symposium will be announced within the next two weeks. Virtual participation will be available for those who cannot travel to the PDAC due to international travel restrictions.


    At this time, KEGS is soliciting abstract submissions on the following topics:

    • Integrated Case Histories
    • Artificial Intelligence in Geophysics
    • New Developments (processing, techniques and equipment)
    • Environmental
    • Near Surface
    • Under cover
    • Borehole Geophysics

    Abstract Submissions

    Short abstracts (400 words) are due Friday, December 3rd, 2021. Please  to submit your abstract to, with "KEGS 2022 Symposium Abstract" in the subject line.

    Thank you for your submission.

  • 1 Oct 2021 12:32 PM | Anonymous
    KEGS October talk

    Please register for our October talk from link above.

    Date:  Tuesday October 12th at 4:00 PM EST

    Title Yaouré Gold Mine 3D seismic case history and recent hard rock processing and interpretation

    SpeakerAndy Dyke
    Andy Dyke, Kevin Jarvis and Greg Turner

    Abstract3D seismic reflection is gaining acceptance as a tool for accelerating the discovery of additional resources within mineralized environments. In this talk we will show how this is being achieved at the Yaouré Gold Mine in Côte d’Ivoire. In addition, we will show some of the new approaches that are being applied both to:
    1.  Obtain higher fidelity images which more clearly and accurately represent the subsurface geology; and
    2.  Derive more intuitive volume-based interpretations showing the 3D distribution of key rock units.


    Andy Dyke – Business Development Manager – North America , HiSeis
    Andy has spent the last 33 years involved in deploying seismic technology all over the planet , 24 years with Schlumberger in the UK, Libya , South Africa , USA , Venezuela, Australia and Canada. 5 years with TGS Canada in a variety of multi-client roles and now with HiSeis in a BD role based from Canada with North America as his area of responsibility. Andy graduated with a BSc(Hons) in Geological Sciences from Leeds University in 1988.

    Dr Greg Turner – General Manager Technical Services , HiSeis
    Greg has a Bachelor of Earth Science, BSc(Hons) 1987 from Monash University. He has also completed doctoral studies at Macquarie University being awarded a PhD in 1994. Prior to joining HiSeis, Greg was Geoscience Manager at WMCs Technology Group and he was also a co-founder of geophysical services company, Geoforce. Greg has been a Principal Geophysicist and Director of New Business Development at HiSeis prior to his appointment to the position of General Manager Technical Services

     KEGS near future event survey!

    Special thanks to those of you who have already replied to our KEGS near future events survey. If you didn't have a chance to answer the survey yet, please do so to help KEGS executives plan better for the up coming events including KEGS 2021 Christmas party (Only happening with a limited number of attendees and following the City of Toronto's Public Health protocols), KEGS 2022 Symposium and KEGS 2022 Breakfast. Please find the survey: Here

    Mark your calendar for KEGS future talks!
    KEGS is pleased to announce a list of confirmed talks going forward:

    November 9 – Jean-Philippe - Deep Learning as an alternative to downward continuation filters for structural interpretation

    Find out about more geo scientific events in GTA Geoscience calendar here
     Free access to SEG | AAPG Annual Meeting IMAGE '21 Exhibition Hall: Significant benefits.

    Whether you're joining in person or online, the IMAGE ’21 exhibition will showcase leading products, services, and innovations for our geoscience and energy industry. IMAGE '21 combines all the great elements from each society's previous annual meetings and exhibitions to offer more science, more collaboration, more opportunities, and more value for the industry.
    Join the Ultimate Geoscience Exhibition, 26 Sept –1 Oct 2021 • Denver, CO and Online. Download your FREE exhibition guest pass here

     EMinar Season 2 starting!

     Re-starting the EMinar series of webinars!  For Season 2 has quite a diverse range of topics.

    You can see the line-up on the MTNet EMinars web page here

    The first three presentations are scheduled and are:

    06 Oct 2021 16:00 UT: Mark Everett - The theory of EM Induction in the Earth

    13 Oct 2021 14:00 UT: Jeffrey Love - Mapping a magnetic superstorm

    20 Oct 2021 14:00 UT: Alan Jones - Anatomy of an Anomaly: The North American Central Plains conductivity anomaly from initial discovery to understanding, and from craton to grain scales

    Organizers willing to hear any suggestions you may have of topics and speakers.

    Modular course on Exploration Geophysics

    Every second December, The Mineral Exploration Research Centre at Laurentian University presents a modular course on Exploration Geophysics. This year the course will be held December 8-17 in the Executive Learning Centre, room FA-386 of the Fraser building on Laurentian’s Sudbury campus.  The course can be taken by graduate students for credit towards their degree programs, or by professionals, in which case it can be counted towards the hours required for continuing education by professional registration organizations like the PGO.  This year, professionals can sign up at a reduced rate if they participate in the lectures remotely and on-line. 

    The course is intended for geologists and geophysicists and will cover all aspects of geophysical methods: theory, instrumentation, acquisition, processing, display and interpretation.  The methods covered and the case histories presented will be focused on mineral exploration. 

    More details about the course and links to a brochure and a registration form can be found Here

     Retention in Geoscience Survey by Women Geoscientists in Canada

    For a long time, there's been talk about leaky pipelines, the need for diversity, and thinking about the future of geoscience. But finding data has been tricky. WGC has created a survey to gain insight on retention in the geosciences.
    Although this survey has been put forth by the Women Geoscientists in Canada, it is intended to explore the factors involved in retention, regardless of gender and location, so please share widely with your friends and colleagues, especially if you know people that have left the geoscience profession.
    Give your opinion here

    More information from WGC events here

    Nominations for a new KEGS executive member is open now! 

    KEGS executives are excited to announce that they are looking for a new executive member to join the team. Please nominate yourself or if you know of anyone who is willing to volunteer some of their time to KEGS, please nominate them by sending an email to: 

    KEGS Foundation Update

    The full KEGS Foundation Update can be found here. Update includes:
    • Presentation of Scholarship Awards
    • Michael and Patricia Carson Geophysics Scholarship for Indigenous Students
    • Bourse Québécoise: Inaugural lauréat; donations encouraged
    • Presentation of Scholarship Awards: The Foundation announced in August the awarding of 27 scholarships for the upcoming academic year (2021\22), comprising 12 awards to undergraduates, 7 to M.Sc. students and 8 to Ph.D. candidates), totaling a record $38,000. On September 21, the following awards were presented in person at the special KEGS Ottawa meeting hosted by Sander Geophysics:
      o    Kaitlyn de Morée van Lierde – B.Sc., Carleton University – WAMIC Scholarship
      o Taylor Tracey Kyryliuk – M.Sc./Ph.D., University of Ottawa – KEGS Foundation Scholarship

      During the upcoming KEGS Meeting (on Oct 12), four University of Toronto students will be awarded their scholarships:
      o    Ryan Wang – B.Sc. – KEGS Foundation Scholarship
      o    Daniel Kahn – B.Sc./M.Sc. – KEGS Foundation Scholarship
      o    Erkan Gun – Ph.D. – KEGS Foundation Scholarship
      o    Tianshi Liu – Ph.D. – Len and Genice Collett Graduate Scholarship in Geophysics

      Presentation of the remaining scholarship awards will be coordinated with various meetings and events across Canada this fall. Stand by for additional announcements.

    • Michael and Patricia Carson Geophysics Scholarship for Indigenous Students: At the abovementioned KEGS Ottawa meeting, Ray Guerard, B.Sc. student at the University of Manitoba, participated via Zoom and was presented the inaugural Carson Scholarship for Indigenous Students to an in-person and online audience of supporters and K-O members. Ray discussed his interest in the geosciences since childhood and the current research programs he is involved in. Patricia Carson gave a moving speech regarding the reasons why she and her late husband Mike decided to establish the scholarship. She and Paul Strandberg shared remembrances of Mike, who passed away in August. Details of the award to Mr. Guerard are attached here

      To honour Mikel Carson, more than thirty friends and family have donated to the endowment for the Carson Scholarship for Indigenous Students. We thank them for their extraordinary generosity and support of the Carson family and legacy.
    • Bourse  des  pionniers  de  la  géophysique  québécoise: The inaugural award of this scholarship will soon be presented to Adrien Dimech, Ph.D. candidate at Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue. We encourage further donations to the endowment, especially by those who want to sustain a vibrant geophysical community in the province and/or to honour the many pioneers from the academic and industry cohorts.
      Additional details can be on the Foundation’s website

  • 24 Sep 2021 8:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Please help KEGS executives plan for the up coming events by answering this Survey: Here

  • 17 Sep 2021 11:21 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    KEGS Ottawa special meeting Tuesday September 21 @5pm (Ottawa time) In memory of Michael Carson. Please use the link below to join online. If you are planing to join in person, please email Luise Sander at

    Join Zoom Meeting

    Meeting ID: 840 6398 7145
    Passcode: 227464

  • 1 Sep 2021 12:33 PM | Anonymous
    KEGS September 2021 Bulletin
    Welcome to September! Hope you have enjoyed your summer and are ready to start your normal activities. Stay tuned for a season full of Geo events including SEG,GeConvention2021, WGC's summit and more!
    KEGS September talk

    Please register for our September talk  from link above.

    Date:  Tuesday September 14th at 4:00 PM EST

    Title Bridging the Gap between Microseismic Data and Actionable Insight Using AI Augmented Methodologies

    SpeakerDr. Ellie Ardakani, CEO @ Meta Innovation Technologies

    AbstractMicroseismic monitoring technology plays a critical role in measuring impact of excavation processed in the Mining sector as well as hydraulic fracturing performance for unconventional resources in Oil and Gas industry. However, despite the large investment in data acquisition Exploration and Production (E&P) companies struggle to make sense of their microseismic data with quick turn-around. 
    We believe that the rise of AI augmented analytics empowers E&P companies to measure data quality, recognize data correlations, and generate actionable insights that are critical in achieving operational efficiency and future cost and time savings. In this presentation we showcase enabling AI technologies that are game changers when it comes to microseismic data quality control, data analytics, and interpretation. 


    Biography:   Dr. Ellie Ardakani is a published geoscientist and award-wining energy-tech entrepreneur with a proven development history of novel workflows to facilitate data analytics, visualization, and integrated interpretation. She is currently the CEO of Meta Innovation Technologies, an innovative technology company focused on increasing data analytics ROI and technical staff performance. Prior to Meta, she worked in various roles at IOOC, Athabasca Oil Corporation, and ESG Solutions. Ellie holds a PhD in Exploration Geophysics from the University of Alberta. Ellie is the chair of SEG Women’s Network, Women in AI Canada - Ottawa city lead, mentor at Mentoring365 program, a SEG SEAM product manager, an active member of EAGE, and a licensed professional geoscientist (P.Geo.) under APEGA.

    Mark your calendar for KEGS future talks!
    KEGS is pleased to announce a list of confirmed talks going forward:

    October 12 – Greg Turner - General Manager Technical Solutions HiSeis - Yaouré Seismic Survey: Defining a Complex 3D Structural Framework with High Resolution Seismic Data
    November 9 – Jean-Philippe - Deep Learning as an alternative to downward continuation filters for structural interpretation

    Find out about more geo scientific events in GTA Geoscience calendar here

    the EAGE Near Surface Geoscience Conference & Exhibition 2021 is happening now and four of KEGS best talks during 2021 have been chosen to present again at this meeting.
    Lyndsay Ball – USGS
    Thibaut Astic – UBC
    Randy Enkin – Geological Survey of Canada
    Amin Aghee – Goldspot Discoveries Corp.

    More info here

    Mining Geophysics session at the Geoconvention 2021 conference

    GeoConvention is an annual convention and exhibit produced by the Canadian Society of Petroleum Geologists (CSPG), Canadian Society of Exploration Geophysists (CSEG) and the Canadian Well Logging Society (CWLS). Usually held in Calgary, this convention offers delegates and attendees the opportunity to network and learn with fellow industry professionals. For 2021, GeoConvention is hosting our program virtually – bringing amazing content and innovation to you, no matter where you are! More information here.

    The KEGS Session at Geoconvention 2021 is scheduled for Monday September 13. Tentative schedule is posted here

    Free access to SEG | AAPG Annual Meeting IMAGE '21 Exhibition Hall: Significant benefits.

    Whether you're joining in person or online, the IMAGE ’21 exhibition will showcase leading products, services, and innovations for our geoscience and energy industry. IMAGE '21 combines all the great elements from each society's previous annual meetings and exhibitions to offer more science, more collaboration, more opportunities, and more value for the industry.
    Join the Ultimate Geoscience Exhibition, 26 Sept –1 Oct 2021 • Denver, CO and Online. Download your FREE exhibition guest pass here

    Do Not miss this WGC Webinar on September 22!

    Title of Talk: The Road Less Traveled: My Geophysical Career Path
    Speaker: Lia Martinez, a geophysical engineer working with Mount Sopris Instruments in Denver, Colorado
    For more info check
    Talk Summary: As a geophysics undergraduate I was overwhelmed by the numerous possible career paths in geophysics. In this talk I will relate my many attempts and failures at finding where I belonged, including a detour working outside of geophysics. I eventually found my way back in a niche industry, have learned a lot along the way.

    WGC Summit 2021: Why I do this!
    Bringing together people and ideas for the love of geoscience. Enjoy 4 technical talks from women geoscientists with a focus on their love for the geoscience profession. The talks will be spaced by breaks and discussion breakout rooms! More information here

    KEGS Foundation Update

    The full KEGS Foundation Update can be found here. Update includes:
    • Awards for 2021\22 announced
    • New Carson Indigenous Scholarship announced w\ inaugural recipient
    • Bourse Québécoise: Inaugural lauréat; donations encouraged
    • SEG Foundation scholarships  awarded to 12 Canadians, including 4 KF lauréats
    • Developing careers in geophysics
    • Transitioning to the ‘New Normal’
    •  2021 Steers Bursary Award
    • Record Scholarship Awards Announced: The Foundation announced the awarding of 27 scholarships for the upcoming academic year (2021\22), comprising 12 awards to undergrads, 7 to MSc students and 8 to PhD candidates), totaling a record $38,000.  This record funding and increased awards to graduate students reflect the Directors’ focus on extending greater support to students in geophysics after a very challenging year, as university instruction and academic life slowly return to more normal practices and conditions, and was achieved by redeploying income from the Collett Legacy gift for programs that had to be cancelled due to the pandemic.  Details can be found in the recent announcements posted on the Foundation’s website.
    • Carson Scholarship for Indigenous Students Established: As announced with considerable excitement in early July, the Foundation has established a new scholarship for an indigenous student in geophysics or geophysical technology attending a Canadian university or college, thanks to the major donation by Michael and Patricia Carson, augmented  by a number of additional donations in honour of Mike’s life and career, reflecting recent heightened interest in addressing years of neglect and abuse exemplified by the residential school tragedy.   The Foundation was also very pleased to announce the inaugural recipient, Ray Guerard, an excellent student in geophysics entering his second year at the University of Manitoba and a Métis with connections to the Ebb and Flow community on Lake Winnipeg, with the award likely presented at a hybrid event in Ottawa in late September.
    • Bourse Québécoise: Inaugural Award; Donations encouraged:  A number of individuals and companies have previously expressed support for this new scholarship, which honours notable members of the Québec geophysics community, leading to its establishment earlier this spring, as previously announced. We encourage all supporter of this initiative to crystallize their donations in conjunction with the inaugural award of this scholarship to Adrien Dimech, PhD candidate at Université du Québec à Abitibi-Témiscamingue, who is developing improved electrical techniques for characterizing and monitoring mine waste and tailings.   Donations may be made by cheque or PayPal to the KEGS Foundation indicating it is intended for the ‘Bourse des pionniers de la géophysique québecoise’.  For further details, please contact: or any of the directors of the Foundation.
    • SEG Foundation scholarships awarded to 12 Canadians, including 4 KF lauréats: The Foundation are pleased to note that the SEG Foundation has awarded scholarships to 12 Canadian students, including four current or prior KEGS Foundation awardees.  In particular, Kaiitlyn de Moree van Lierde has also received a renewal of the KEGS\Hallof Scholarship originally established by KEGS in 1998.
    • Developing Careers in Geophysics: There has been a burst of activity in online seminars and panels aimed at students and early career geophysicists, and geoscientists in general. The Foundation supported the excellent presentation by Nadine Veilette of Abitibi Geophysics as part of the EMinar series, at which she presented her perspectives, experiences and advice from a mid-career standpoint. For those who missed the May 5 presentation, it can be accessed on YouTube at:
      We are anticipating additional new careers panels aimed at geophysicists in the coming months.
    • Transitioning to the ‘New Normal’:  Along other organizations, institutions and communities, the Foundation is moving forward cautiously to adapt to a less restricted professional and personal environment as the fall advances (although  this may be delayed by the surge in Delta variant Covid-19 cases), and in that regard is giving consideration to restoration of educational programs that were cancelled in April, 2020, such as the KEGS Special Lectures and the Collett Visiting Lectureship, which will enable greater interaction with students and colleagues.
    • 2021 Steers Bursary Award:  Congratulations are extended to Nicole Freij, a fourth year undergrad in the Earth Sciences Dept. at the UofT, as the 2021 recipient of the John E. Steers Bursary awarded to an outstanding geoscience student focused on a career in mineral exploration and administered jointly by the KEGS Foundation and the Canadian Mineral Industry Exploration Foundation (CMIEF).

    Additional details can be on the Foundation’s website

  • 17 Aug 2021 11:09 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Record Graduate Scholarships Awarded for 2021/22

    August 16, 2021, Toronto, Canada: The Directors of the KEGS Foundation are very pleased to announce the awarding of a record 15 scholarships totalling $19,500 (plus travel bursaries) to seven M.Sc. and eight Ph.D. graduate students in geophysics at twelve Canadian universities for the forthcoming academic year (2021/22).
    These awards, complementing scholarships awarded to twelve undergraduates announced earlier, mark the twenty-second year of the KEGS Foundation’s scholarship program directed at fostering the education of future geophysicists in Canada. The large number of recipients and the record level of total scholarship funding ($38,000) reflect the number of well-qualified applicants and evident financial need, exacerbated by significant complications caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, which affected many students’ studies, research, internships and jobs. The Foundation has endeavoured to respond positively to the applicants’ circumstances in order to sustain students’ focus on their geophysical education and research, redeploying income from the Collett legacy endowment that was not required for other programs in 2020/21.
    Remarkably, despite the severe and diverse impacts of the now-receding pandemic, thanks to notable donations, continued support by sustaining donors and collective initiatives, the Foundation also succeeded in establishing three new scholarships in the past year:
    • SKGS Scholarship, primarily directed to supporting students in or from Saskatchewan
    • Bourse des pionniers de la géophysique québecoise, principally supporting students in or from Québec
    • Michael and Patricia Carson Geophysics Scholarship for Indigenous Students (just announced), for Indigenous students studying geophysics or geophysical technology.
    See the Foundation’s website for specific announcements on the establishment of each of these scholarships. We thank the individual donors and companies who stepped forward with large donations to initiate the endowments.
    It is with profound regret and sadness that we learned of Michael Carson’s recent passing, so soon after he and Patricia established the above-mentioned scholarship. We extend our condolences to Mike’s family and friends, and thank them for the many donations in his memory.

    The seven M.Sc. students awarded KEGS Foundation scholarships for 2021/22 include the following two awardees who received named scholarships supported by specific endowments* in recognition of their particular achievements and career focus:
              Stephanie Bringeland ® – Queen’s University: KEGS Pioneers Scholarship  
                Mark Lepitzki – University of Saskatchewan: SKGS Scholarship
    The other five M.Sc. recipients of KEGS Foundation Scholarships are:
                Moslem Azarpour – University of Saskatchewan
                Marziah Arshian – Memorial University
                Dimitri Danchenko – University of New Brunswick
                Taylor Kyryliuk – University of Ottawa
                Benjamin Saadia – Queen’s University
    The renewals of prior award indicated by ®.
    The eight Ph.D. candidates who received scholarship support to assist in completing their significant research include the fourth award of the premier Collett Graduate Scholarship, the thirteenth award of the GSC Pioneers Scholarship and the inaugural award of the new Bourse des pionniers de la géophysique québecoise. They were selected after careful consideration of a roster of impressively talented candidates. The outstanding awardees, are:
             Tianshi Liu, University of Toronto, the recipient of the Collett Graduate Scholarship, is developing advances in full-wave seismic tomography applied to mantle and core characterization;
            Gang Hui, University of Calgary, who received the GSC Pioneers Scholarship, is undertaking a very ambitious effort to integrate petrophysical characterization of fracture propagation for hydrocarbon exploitation and other applications;
              Adrien Dimech, Université du Québec en Abitibi-Témiscamingue, is the inaugural recipient of the Bourse des pionniers de la géophysique québecoise. He is investigating and developing advanced ERT methods for monitoring and characterizing mine waste and tailings dumps;
             Fatemeh Nemati, University of Victoria, recipient of the second BCGS Scholarship, is modelling tsunami generation and potential impacts on communities along coastal BC.
    The other four Ph.D. candidates awarded scholarships intended to complement departmental funding are:
           Jefferson Restrepo, Polytechnique Montréal, who is investigating specialized processing of marine seismic data to delineate permafrost;
              Megan Caston, University of Alberta, who is beginning her Ph.D. studies focused on utilizing MT to delineate crustal properties on southern Vancouver Island;
             Eric Lenhart, Western University, who is commencing research focused on determining the electrical conductivity of the Fe-Ni system under ultra-high pressure and temperature related to the earth’s core and geodynamics;
              Erkan Gun, University of Toronto, who is undertaking numerical modeling of the tectonics of earthquake-prone zones, particularly in Turkey.
    The amount of each scholarship award, intended to complement other funding, ranges from $500 to $3,000, determined by the recipient’s merit and need and available financial resources, while maintaining the Foundation’s principal objective of supporting undergraduate education.
    In addition, thanks to continuing generous support by KEGS, all of the above awardees will also receive free membership in KEGS and will be eligible for fully subsidized participation at the annual KEGS Symposium in March. All recipients are also be strongly encouraged to participate in meetings of KEGS, BCGS or other local professional societies, and in other relevant geophysical meetings or symposia. Depending on need, circumstances and the Foundation’s resources, additional assistance with travel expenses up to $400 are tentatively allocated to facilitate participation of recipients and other applicants at relevant meetings, including KEGS or BCGS events, during the coming academic year. Networking opportunities will be offered where possible. Additionally, to assist awardees seeking to pursue further studies, research or employment, their CVs will be posted on the Foundation’s website.
    Presentation of the scholarship awards will be arranged during the fall semester, preferably at professional meetings or in conjunction with KEGS Special Lectures on relevant geophysical topics hosted by university departments, or at equivalent virtual events, depending on the extent to which complications and restrictions due to COVID-19 pandemic are relaxed.
    The Directors extend their best wishes to all the above recipients for further success in their studies and future careers. We also offer our gratitude for the continuing support of the Foundation and its scholarship program by the Canadian exploration and geophysical community, including renewed major support by KEGS and the BCGS, a recent very generous donation by Lamontagne Geophysics, and to Phoenix Geophysics for its continuing support of the matching donation program (see website for further details).
    We look forward to meeting the latest KEGS Foundation awardees at various upcoming meetings, symposia and KEGS Special Lectures, once current restrictions end.
    Avec nos meilleurs souhaits à tous les lauréats**.
                Stephen Reford, Chair            Jerry Roth, Director
                Tel: (416) 368-2888                 (416) 449-2226
    *NB: KEGS is the well-known acronym for the Canadian Exploration Geophysical Society, the leading mining geophysics organization established in 1953 and based in Toronto. The KEGS Foundation was established as a federally chartered charitable organization in 1999 with the objective of fostering geophysical education and has provided approximately 300 scholarships to Canadian students since inception. BCGS is the abbreviation for the BC Geophysical Society, a long-established professional organization based in Vancouver and focused on utilization of geophysics for mineral exploration, which has generously supported the BCGS Scholarship Fund. SKGS is the abbreviation for the Saskatchewan Geophysical Society. Details of the named scholarships and the underlying endowments and donors can be found on the Foundation’s website.

  • 11 Aug 2021 11:40 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    The KEGS Foundation announce that, thanks to a substantial donation by Michael and Patricia Carson, it is establishing a scholarship to be awarded annually to an Indigenous student who is pursuing post-secondary studies in geophysics or geophysical technology at a Canadian university or college. It forms part of the Foundation’s evolving efforts to advance geophysical education in Canada.

    In making this important donation, the Carsons wish to establish a scholarship for Indigenous students is to help ensure they have opportunities to study geophysics and develop careers, bringing needed Indigenous perspective into this field. More about the scholarship and the first recipient:  here

    Unfortunately Mike passed away peacefully of ALS/Lou Gehrig’s Disease on August 5 2021, his family at his side. Michael spent more than 35 years in the resources exploration industry working in over 45 countries in the Americas, Australia, Africa, Europe and Middle East.

    He studied geophysics at Western, and also completed The Executive Program at Queen’s University. He enjoyed a lengthy and productive career, beginning as a field geophysicist with Geoterrex in Ottawa in 1972, rising to a manager at Geoterrex and its various successor companies, including CGG and Fugro. After the formation of Fugro Airborne Surveys in the early 2000’s, Mike was appointed President & Regional Manager, Americas and he led the successful effort to integrate many formerly competitive companies into a single worldwide airborne geophysical company. Please read his full obituary here

    KEGS executives extend their deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. May he rests in peace. 

  • 19 Jul 2021 12:47 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    SS-12 Geophysical imaging of the paleo- and present environment Convenors: Ian Ferguson (University of Manitoba), Phil J.A. McCausland (University of Western Ontario) Geophysical methods image many important aspects of our environment including: soil stratigraphy and aquifers; anthropogenic features such as landfills and archeological sites; hazards including voids and tunnels; and saline, organic, and radioactive contaminants. Paleo and rock magnetic methods provide information on the paleoenvironment including: paleolatitude; sediment provenance; depositional conditions; and diagenetic processes. In this session we welcome a broad range of contributions related to geophysical sensing of the environment and paleo-environment, including, but certainly not limited to, environmental geophysics, archeogeophysics, hydrogeophysics, urban geophysics, and environmentally-focused paleo- and rock magnetic studies. Sponsored by: GAC Geophysics Division. More information: here
    Abstract submissions close on July 22nd (so this information will only be valuable if it can be distributed in the next week). The GAC-MAC meeting itself is in London, Ontario and will run in hybrid format from Nov 1-5. Details can be found here

  • 6 Jul 2021 1:32 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)
    KEGS July Beer Bash! Register here  

    Please join us on July 14th for a  Beer Bash! Registrants will receive 12 beers from Junction Craft Brewery.  Cost for the event is $34.96 plus tax.  The event will start after a presentation by Bill Morris titled "Rock Magnetic Properties - Why Bother?". What better way to reflect and ponder the reasons to "bother" than with 12 Junction Craft Beer to select from.  

    Delivery zone is roughly Hamilton to Whitby. Before registering, please confirm you are in the delivery zone by clicking hereFor delivery purpose, please send the following information to or her mobile 647 401 8758Name, Address INCLUDING UNIT NUMBER and BUZZER (PEOPLE IN CONDOS) and Cell phone number.

    If you are based in Richmond Hill, please contact Robert Hearst at to pick-up your order.

    Registration closes soon so book now.  Register before Friday, July 9th at midnight.

    For more information on Junction Craft Brewery, click here.

    The 12 beers included are:

    • Junction Craft Pilsner
    • Junction Hazy IPA
    • Junction Pale Ale
    • Junction Nitro Pilsner
    • Junction Halftime Hazy Session IPA
    • Caribru IPA
    • Caribru Lager
    • Conductor’s Craft Ale
    • JCB x LOOP Pineapple Hoppy Sour
    • JCB x LOOP Lime Gose
    • JCB x LOOP Strawberry Berliner Weisse
    • Junction Tmave Pivo Czech Dark Lager

     Hope you can join us!

    KEGS Exec


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