KEGS November 2021 Bulletin

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KEGS November 2021 Bulletin
Welcome to November! Join us for KEGS Nov. Talk, KEGS PDAC Symposium 2022 call for abstracts and much more.
KEGS November talk

Please register for our November talk from link above.

Date:  Tuesday November 9th at 4:00 PM EST

Title Deep Learning as an alternative to downward continuation filters for structural interpretation

SpeakerJean-Philippe Paiement, P.Geo., M.Sc. – Director, Global Consulting - Mira Geoscience


AbstractOftentimes when working with regional magnetic surveys from multiple sources, we encounter resolution continuity issues, which makes 2D interpretation more challenging. The loss in resolution of anomalies borders and lack of texture in the gridded data, can cause issues to the interpreter. This talk sets the basis of using currently available deep learning architecture to train a model for special resolution enhancement. 
Recent advancement in image processing and deep learning have led to the development of neural networks capable of increasing images resolution using and adversarial learning strategy (Wang, X et al., 2018). In this deep learning model, available high-resolution grids with their low-resolution counter parts are used to train an encoder-decoder network to reconstruct the high-resolution from their starting point. Once the network is sufficiently trained it is then possible to apply it to upscale low-resolution images without existing ground truth high resolution counter part. This approach uses Generative Adversarial Networks or GAN’s, a relatively new class of machine learning frameworks designed in 2014 (Goodfellow, I. et al). A generator network is used to construct images that are then passed through a discriminator network which tries to discriminate between real images and fake images produced by the generator. Given a training set, this technique learns to generate higher resolution data with the same statistics as the training set. 
Once the general model is trained on high-resolution/low-resolution pairs, it is possible to refine it to the area of interest and use it to upscale low resolution survey patches. This will help in refining anomaly edges and increase the accuracy of the structural interpretation conducted by the geologist. This approach is proposed as an alternative to the commonly used downward continuation filters used in the industry. 


Biography:  Jean-Philippe Paiement is the Director of Global Consulting at Mira Geoscience Ltd. He brings 15 years of mineral exploration experience to the table, including expertise in geostatistics applied to structural, geological, and geochemical modelling and interpretation; specializing in non-linear interpolation and simulation. Jean-Philippe has developed multiple workflow and novel approaches to reduce interpretational risks of geological data. Jean-Philippe has a wide range of experience in mineral resource estimation for precious metals, base metals and industrial minerals across diverse geological environments around the world. In 2016, Jean-Philippe has pioneered the application of Machine Learning to the mineral exploration industry in winning the Integra GoldRush challenge by application of machine learning to mineral deposit targeting. He is skilled in the application of machine learning to overcome geological and geophysical challenges; by combining geological knowledge and both supervised learning and deep learning. Before joining Mira Geoscience, he obtained an MSc from Laval University. Jean-Philippe is based in Quebec-City.
Québec, Canada

Mark your calendar for KEGS future talks!
KEGS is pleased to announce a list of confirmed talks going forward:

December 7 Greg Hodges Sanders geophysics. Title "More EM myths and Old-fashioned Methods"

Find out about more geo scientific events in GTA Geoscience calendar here

KEGS is pleased to announce that the PDAC 2022 Symposium is planned for Saturday March 5th 2022.

The format of the KEGS PDAC 2022 symposium will be announced within the next two weeks. Virtual participation will be available for those who cannot travel to the PDAC due to international travel restrictions. 

KEGS is soliciting abstract submissions on the following topics:
Integrated Case Histories
Artificial Intelligence in Geophysics
New Developments (processing, techniques and equipment)
Near Surface
Under cover
Borehole Geophysics

Abstract Submissions 
Short abstracts (400 words) are due Friday, December 3rd, 2021. Please to submit your abstract to, with "KEGS 2022 Symposium Abstract" in the subject line.

Minden Symposium 2021, Nov 8-11- Cutting Carbon in Canada

The theme of this year's Beatrice and Arthur Minden Symposium is Cutting Carbon in Canada (3C). Nov 8-11 for a multidisciplinary series of events on science, policy, social justice, and system change. The symposium will feature keynote talks, panel discussions, and interactive workshops addressing the challenge of getting to zero carbon emissions. More info here

MTNet webinars on EM: 

 EMinars: A series of webinars on EM Induction in the Earth in the broadest sense, from theory to acquisition to time series processing to analysis to modelling and inversion to interpretation

You can see the line-up on the MTNet EMinars web page here

University of Toronto Geophysics Seminar November 2nd, 4:10 -5 pm 

The Geophysics Seminar series for 2021-2022 is officially starting on Nov. 2nd with an exciting list of speakers (see below for more information).
The first talk will be given by Dr. Seogi Kang from Stanford University on Nov. 2nd
Title: Advancing Remote Sensing Techniques for Groundwater Science and Management

Date/Time: Nov, 2th 2021, 4-5 pm
Speaker: Seogi Kang 
Affiliations: Stanford University
Zoom Link:
Meeting ID: 860 4841 3294
Passcode: geophysics

For more details on the geophysics seminars click here

Modular course on Exploration Geophysics

Every second December, The Mineral Exploration Research Centre at Laurentian University presents a modular course on Exploration Geophysics. This year the course will be held December 8-17 in the Executive Learning Centre, room FA-386 of the Fraser building on Laurentian’s Sudbury campus.  The course can be taken by graduate students for credit towards their degree programs, or by professionals, in which case it can be counted towards the hours required for continuing education by professional registration organizations like the PGO.  This year, professionals can sign up at a reduced rate if they participate in the lectures remotely and on-line. 

The course is intended for geologists and geophysicists and will cover all aspects of geophysical methods: theory, instrumentation, acquisition, processing, display and interpretation.  The methods covered and the case histories presented will be focused on mineral exploration. 

More details about the course and links to a brochure and a registration form can be found here

Looking for a job? Don't miss this job post!

Sander Geophysics (SGL) has permanent, full-time positions of Geophysicist/Data Analyst open. The position is most suitable for recently graduated or early career applicants. We would expect extensive international travel from the successful candidates. See the careers section of the SGL website,,  for more information. If interested and qualified, please send a resume to Be sure to include the job title in the subject line of the email.  We look forward to a gaggle of energetic, enthusiastic new employees to join our current staff of energetic, enthusiastic geophysicists!

Women Geoscientists in Canada - Fall Summit, Friday November 19, 2021: Why I do this!

Bringing together people and ideas for the love of geoscience Friday November 19, 2021
​1 pm to 430 pm Eastern, 10 am to 130 pm Pacific

Register here


The Quebec show 2021 will again be virtual, no in person KEGS breakfast. More info to be announced.

Nominations for a new KEGS executive member is open now! 

KEGS executives are excited to announce that they are looking for a new executive member to join the team. Please nominate yourself or if you know of anyone who is willing to volunteer some of their time to KEGS, please nominate them by sending an email to: 

Announcement Presentation of Inaugural Award Bourse des pionniers de la géophysique québécoise to Adrien Dimech, Ph.D. Candidate, UQAT KEGS-Québec 5-à-7 Event (KEGS-Quebec Virtual Cinq-à-Sept Get-Together and KEGS Foundation Scholarship Awards)

To be held on the ZOOM on-line platform on Friday 26 November, from 5-7 PM. Virtual Cinq-à-Sept  will feature talks by Marc Boivin, at MB Geosolutions, and Adrien Dimech, UQAT, the Inaugural KF “Bourse des Pionniers de la Géophysique Québecoise” scholarship winner, and will include virtual presentations to the 2021 KEGS Foundation student scholarship winners from the province of Quebec.  An informal chat amongst fellow geophysicists will follow the meeting.

French announcement:
KEGS-Québec :  Réunion Virtuelle 5-à-7 Géophysique et Remise des Bourses de la Fondation KEGS
Date : 26-novembre, 2021 de 17h à 19h.

Cher(e)s collègues et ami(e)s géophysiciens et géophysiciennes québécois(es) et franco-canadien(ne)s,
L'année 2021 a été une autre année très différente pour nous tous, mais heureusement les choses reviennent petit-à-petit à la normale.

À défaut de se rencontrer encore une fois cette année au déjeuner du KEGS-Québec ou dans le cadre d'un autre congrès, nous vous invitons à vous joindre à nouveau à un 6@7 Virtuel Géophysique.

En même temps, nous ferons la remise des Bourses de la Fondation KEGS aux récipiendaires universitaires québécois pour l’année 2021.

Ce sera une belle occasion de se voir le moment de conférences, de célébrer la future relève étudiante et de faire une petite santé de fin d'année, tous ensembles.  

Cette année nous avons deux conférenciers : Pour débuter, M. Adrien Dimech, candidat au doctorat de l’UQAT, et le récipiendaire inaugural de la Bourse des Pionniers de la Géophysique Québécoise, nous fera une courte présentation sur sa recherche doctorale.

Ensuite, notre conférencier principal sera M. Marc Boivin qui nous présentera sa conférence intitulée : « L’aimantation rémanente en exploration minérale».  

 Marc Boivin MB Géosolutions
 L’aimantation rémanente en exploration minérale

Sommaire :
Le phénomène de l’aimantation rémanente est connu depuis très longtemps, mais a souvent été considéré comme marginal du point de vus de l’exploration minière. Cependant, plusieurs gisements métallifères sont directement associés à réponses d’aimantation rémanente.Des liens directs peuvent être faits entre l’aimantation rémanente la mise en place de certains types de gisement métallifère et pourraient même servir d’outil en exploration minière. Cette présentation fait un survol rapide de ce concept à partir de réflexions personnelles et d’exemples..

Biographie :
L’auteur, M. Marc Boivin est géophysicien consultant avec MB Géosolutions depuis 2006. Il a travaillé comme chef géophysicien pour SOQUEM entre 1993 et 2006, géophysicien d’exploration pour WMC entre 1990 et 1993 et géophysicien de terrain pour Sagax Géophysique entre 1985 et 1990.M. Boivin a étudié aux études supérieures à l’École Polytechnique de Montréal en géophysique entre 1984 et 1985, après avoir complété un B.Sc. en géologie à UQAM en 1983. Il est membre de l’OGQ, PGO et APEGNB.

Par la suite, comme l’année passée, nous espérons que vous pourrez rester en-ligne pour une réunion (virtuelle) entre amis(es).
Joignez-vous à nous le 26 novembre prochain de 17h à 19h  ET. Le lien ci-dessous vous mènera vers la visio-conférence (ajoutez le à vos calendriers):

Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 698 5204 0385

Passcode: 878574

On vous attend en grand nombre!
Jean Legault, Circé Malo-Lalande et Christian Dupuis.
Comité Organisateur KEGS-Québec

here for more info about this seminar.

Check here for the full announcement of Bourse québécoise

KEGS Foundation Update

The full KEGS Foundation Update can be found here. Update includes:
  • Announcement of inaugural award of Bourse québécoise: Version française here
  • Presentation of Scholarship Awards
  • Bourse Québécoise: 5 à 7 event
  • Fundraising
  • Seeking Corporate Donations
Additional details can be on the Foundation’s website

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