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KEGS and the KEGS Foundation support, nurture and promote geophysics at university, governmental and industry levels, in a spirit of kinship and openness for scientific advancement.

Whether you are already a member, or are signing up for the first time, KEGS depends on your support, your energy and your ideas, as members and participants. Details about our society are found on the pages of this website, and quick links to our upcoming activities are embedded in the calendar on the left hand side of the page. Members are invited to sign in using the box in the top right corner and access member only information, support and downloads. Registration fees for events may be made online through PayPal.

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Registration is Open

The annual KEGS Vancouver Breakfast will take place January 24th, 2017. The event registration is open on the KEGS website.

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2017 KEGS Membership Renewal
Renew your membership now!

Enjoy all the benefits of membership in our vibrant community of exploration geophysicists, including free monthly talks, a reduced rate for the annual KEGS Symposium, a free KEGS breakfast event, and access to online archives of KEGS Symposiums and monthly talks (accessible to members only starting January 2017).

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KEGS Vancouver Breakfast

Date: 2017-01-24

Registration Deadline: 2017-01-20

The venue and time will be announced in early January. This breakfast is open to all paid 2017 KEGS members and counts as one of their membership breakfasts.

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